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Coosan cottage eco guesthouse is a guesthouse offering all the luxuries associated with a well designed and well thought out building. What differentiates this particular guesthouse from others is the consideration of the environment in its construction and running. Thus while it provides all the requirements for the discerning guest, coosan cottage eco guesthouse adopts a balanced approach to 21 st century environmental challenges and endeavours to minimise the impact on the environment.

The features that make coosan cottage an eco guesthouse are as follows:

•  Use of wood pellet burner and space heaters- wood pellets emit negligible carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and are a wonderful alternative to the traditional fossil fuels.

•  We are connected to Airtricity which is Ireland's leading generator of green energy and supplies more than 35,000 businesses in Ireland.

•  Heat recovery/ventilation system. Wet air when condensed gives up considerable energy. Air is taken from the wet areas such as bathrooms. The air is condensed and the energy taken up by incoming external fresh air. Thus the building is ventilated by warmed air.

•  Triple glaze wooden windows. These obviously offer a greater degree of insulation than conventional double glaze pvc.

•  Rest of building uses high-grade insulation. The insulation employed throughout exceed conventional standard insulation

•  Collection and recycle of rainwater. We collect rainwater and treat accordingly for use in toilets.

•  Balmoral waste water treatment plant. We have invested heavily in the treatment of our waste water which by this treatment plant by far exceeds conventional effluent water purity

•  Time clock and thermostatically controlled heating. There is feedback control from the thermostats to our heat source so that when desired temperatures are met heat supply is only as required. This minimises waste of heat energy

•  Swipe card access to rooms which ensures cut off of lights on leaving the room

•  Soft water treatment of all incoming water minimising the requirement for detergent and soap use

•  Time controlled showers at Standard temperature. Showers are provided at a comfortable temperature for our guests all day. Time control minimises waste of hot water.

•  Energy saving lightbulbs

•  Waste management- separation of waste. Recycling and composting.



Coosan Cottage, Athlone, Co. Westmeath Phone: 090 6473468